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Medicine at School

At no time are students allowed to carry any form of medication on campus. This includes medicated lip balms, cough drops, eye preparations, etc. The exception to this rule is that a student may carry and self-administer certain medications only with signed permission from a physician and parent/guardian and notification to the school nurse. Bandera ISD does not furnish non-prescription medications (aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, antacids, etc.)  Neither herbal, holistic, non-FDA-approved medications nor medications obtained in foreign countries will be administered at school. All medications must be in their original containers.  It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to maintain an adequate supply of daily medication at school. A student who must take a medicine, (either prescription or OTC) must bring the medicine in its properly labeled container and a written requirest from hi/her parent to the school nurse before school. 
All prescription medications administered by the school must be accompanied by a signed "BISD Physician-Parent Request for Administraion of Medicine by School Personnel" form. The nurse will either give the medicine at the proper times or give the student permission to take the medicine as directed in the Nurse's Office.  No medicine will be administered before 7:50 except in the case of emergencies.  A parent/guardian must sign a permission statement at the beginning of the school year and must provide the unopened, OTC/non-prescription medicines they want their child to recieve on an occasional basis.  The parent/guardian must bring the medication and the signed permission form the school nurse. Standing physician's orders and the parent/guardian's signature allow the occassional administration of the OTC medications.  If OTC medications are to be given on a regular basis for an extended period of time, (ie. ibuprofen daily a school lunch for 2 months) permission must also be given by the student's physician, as well as the parent/guardian.  All prescription medications must be properly labeled showing student, route of administration (ie. by mouth), name of medication, dosage, when to be given, expiration date, and physician's information.  How and when the medicine is administered at school must match the prescription container.  Expired medications may not be dispensed by the school nurse.