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If a student feels ill or wishes to confer with the school nurse, he or she must obtain permission from their teacher. Students are not to report to the Nurse's Office between classes without the teacher's permission. Except in unusual emergencies, parental permission is obtained before a student is referred and sent to a doctor. Parents are asked to complete an emergency card each year that includes a place for parental consent for school officials to obtain medical treatment for the student, as permitted by law.  Other information that could be required in case of an emergency should be provided and updated by the parent as necessary. The school is not responsible for the costs of emergency medical treatment or transport.
Campus Health Clinic Contacts:
Bandera High School -Trenna Fitzpatrick, RN - (830) 460-3898 ext. 3012
Bandera Middle School - Shanna Wilke, RN  - (830) 460-3899 ext.4007
Alkek Elementary - Shirley Nichols, RN - (830) 460-3900 ext. 5004
Hill Country Elementary - Kara Feasel, LVN - (830) 460-3901 ext. 6007
BISD Administrative Contact for Health Services - Christy Coombes - (830)460-3890 ext. 2301