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Sharing All the News About Bandera ISD!
The Bandera ISD Communications Office strives to develop positive relationships by providing timely information to staff, students, parents and the Bandera County community. The office shares information to the community through the use of the BISD website, social media outlets, community partnerships and the local news media. 
Please call 830-460-3892 EXT 2206 if you need any further information.
Stay up to date with BISD through our new branded APP: 
All print, broadcast and radio requests must be submitted to the District Communications Coordinators.
Press passes for the Athletic Fields must be obtained through the Athletic Director or Communications Coordinator.
The BISD Communications Coordinators are the district's Public Information Officer. All public information requests must be requested at [email protected]
Requests for publicity must be made to the Communications Coordinators at [email protected].
Bandera ISD has a page on Facebook for posts about district events and a Twitter feed.
BISD's social networking pages are designed to communicate Bandera ISD social news.  Bandera ISD reserves the right to delete or remove a posting that violates the rules below:
No abusive, obscene, vulgar or inappropriate language or posting(this includes remarks that are racist, homophobic, sexist, or  sexually explicit.
No comments that easily identify students and/or staff in a defamatory, abusive or generally negative tone. Respect copyrights and fair use laws; no plagiarism-give proper credit for other's work.
No comments or postings that do not show proper consideration for other's privacy or are likely to offend or provoke others.
No repeated posts with the same messages over and over again.