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Credit by Exam

Note:  Credit by Exam is only for courses in which the student has had no prior seat-time; it is not for credit recovery.
Credit by Exam for Advancement/Acceleration will be offered at Bandera ISD on June 10-13, 2019 or July 8-11, 2019.  The tests are for student who have not previously taken a course but wish to gain credit for a class because they have prior knowledge in that subject.  Students must earn an 80% in order to receive credit for the class.
Students should prepare to be at the high school all day for a full year course, and a half-day for a semester course.
To sign up for these tests, students must meet with their school counselor.   Quarterly testing windows are listed below.

September 1-September 15

December 1-December 15

February 1-February 15

April 1- May 31


For more information about Credit by Exam, please contact the Director of Testing at 830-796-460-3890.