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Substitute Teachers

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching. Bandera ISD monitors staffing needs throughout the year and will fill substitute positions as needed.
  • Candidates must be 21 years of age
  • Candidates must have a high school diploma or U.S. certified equivalent
  • Candidates should complete and submit an online application
  • Candidates will be required to attend a BISD orientation training. Orientation is by invitation only.
  • Candidates must be fingerprinted per Senate Bill 9. As required by Senate Bill 9, all substitutes must be fingerprinted prior to the first day of being able to work in BISD. Substitutes are required to pay for their own fingerprinting. The cost varies based on TEA and certification levels. 
  • Complete an online application. This is required to be considered as a substitute teaching candidate.
  • BISD will review all applications and then extend an invitation to attend a required orientation to those candidates who qualify.
  • If offered a position, all substitutes must be fingerprinted prior to the first day of being able to work for BISD. Substitutes are required to pay for their own fingerprinting cost.
Consideration for employment is at the discretion of the Human Resources Department. 
Bandera ISD is an equal opportunity employer.
What happens at orientation?  You will
  • Learn about the mandatory fingerprinting procedures
  • Be informed of district policies, procedures and expectations for substitutes
  • Fill out other required forms
When is substitute teacher orientation?
None scheduled at this time.
When are substitutes paid?
Substitutes are paid monthly on the 25th of the month following the month in which you substituted.
How are substitutes paid?
Substitute teachers receive their pay either by direct deposit to a bank account or by deposit to a pay card.  Paper checks are not available
What are the rates of pay for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals:
1.  Substitute Teachers
  • Certified = $100.00 (certified teacher with a valid Texas Certificate ONLY)
  • 4 year degree = $100.00 (bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree)
  • Non-certified/Non-degreed = $80.00 (GED, high school diploma, some college or associates degree)
2. Substitute Paraprofessionals (Classroom/office aide or secretary)
  • Non-Cert/Non-degreed; 4 year degree; or Certified = $80.00
Who do I contact for information about my paycheck?
The Payroll Office should be contacted regarding any discrepancies you may discover in your paycheck. Contact 830-460-3892 ext. 2203 with questions.
Who do I contact for information about a 403(B) Retirement Plan?
Contact the district's administrator, National Plan Administrators, at 800-880-2776 for more information.
If you have received an invitation to attend an upcoming orientation, we ask that your complete the following:
1. Make sure your online application has a minimum of three references with email addresses.
2. Review the Substitute Teacher Handbook (below).
3. Please bring a legible copy of the following items:
  • A valid Texas Teacher Certificate from TEA (if applicable) -- this impacts pay rates
  • College transcripts with degree awarded (if applicable -- unofficial copies accepted, diplomas not accepted) -- this impacts pay rates
4. Complete and submit the Substitute Handbook & Technology Policy Receipt and the TASB Criminal History Form at orientation: