Special Education Services

Welcome to Bandera Independent School District's Special Education Program web site. We created this web site to help students, parents and community members find answers to frequently asked questions, and to serve as an informative resource for those wanting to find out more about Special Education in the Bandera Independent School District.

We believe in the potential of all Bandera Independent School District students.

Our mission is to ensure all students with disabilities have access to and benefit from the general education curriculum.

We hope that the information posted here will be helpful and that you will visit this site often. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Ms. Patricia Galm, Director of Special Services

(830) 460-3893 ext 2301
Mrs. Tarisa Gruensteiner, Diagnostician 

(830) 460-3893 ext. 2305
Ms. Cindy Tschirhart, Special Services Secretary

(830) 460-3893 ext 2302
Mrs. Veronica Gonzalez, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

(830) 460-3893 ext. 2303
Mrs. Christy Coombes, Lead Speech Pathologist

(830) 460-3900 ext 5015
 Mrs. Dawn Bluhm, Speech Pathologist

(830) 460-3901 ext 6014
Ms. Yvette Perez, SLPA
(830) 460-3900 ext 5015

Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Mrs. Cynthia Anderson, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Mrs. Annalisa Ortiz, LSSP

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
(830) 460-3893 ext 2302
Mrs. Rebekah Gilmore, Occupational Therapist

(830) 460-3893 ext 2302
Physical Therapist
Mrs. Stephanie Cross, Physical Therapist

(830) 460-3893 ext 2302
Mrs. Natalye McCool, Virtual Speech Therapist  
(830) 460-3893 ext 2302
Celeste Parker, Contract Diagnostician
Wendy Wayt, Contract Diagnostician