🚍 Did You Know? 🚍

Bandera ISD's buses are constantly on the move! Here are some fascinating facts about our transportation system:

  • Daily Travels: Our buses cover over 2,680 miles every single day on their routes. To put that into perspective, that's enough to travel all the way to Canada each day!

  • Monthly Mileage: In just one month, our buses travel an astounding 51,035 miles. That's like circling the Earth twice at the equator!

  • Annual Adventures: Over the course of a year, our buses rack up more than 500,000 miles. This incredible distance could take us around the world 20 times!

  • Fuel Costs: Keeping our buses fueled and running smoothly isn't cheap. Each year, we spend over $100,000 on fuel alone.

Bandera ISD is committed to ensuring safe and reliable transportation for our students, no matter the distance.