All about TAFE!

Bandera HS TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educator) holds TAFE Area 2’s President (Addyson Allen) and Historian (Kacey Breeden). Medina High School holds Area 2’s Vice President (Rachel Devora) and Secretary (Sienna Carter). As teacher leaders of our Area, Sherri Kelly ( Medina HS FCS Teacher) and our very own Morgan Groff hosted the Area Conference where we brought together 16 schools from our surrounding Area such as Clark HS, JP Steven’s, Floresville and East Central. We had over 200 students participating in competitive events, we had the help of numerous teachers and community volunteers as well as student helpers to make our conference a success!
TAFE is an organization that is designed to promote and encourage the field of Education, it is where students sign up to take on leadership roles within their community and state as well as having the option to compete in 42 different events. Events consist of things like Children’s Literature, Lesson Planning & Delivery, Interactive Bulletin Board and Job Interview. Students choose an area that interests them and with the help of their teacher leader create and compete to hopefully take their project all the way to Nationals.
Our National Affiliate is Educators Rising, and for the past 3 years Mrs. Groff has had students Advance as well as place at the National Level in Events such as Inside Our School & Creative Lecture.
This year Mrs. Groff had a record number of students compete and advance to State.
Addyson Allen: Educators Rising Moment
Avery Allen & Makayla Gonzales: Interactive Bulletin Board
Layney Bowman & Calie Tripp: Project Visualize
Zoe Servantes: Exploring Non Core Teaching
Riley Smith: Job Interview
Kacey Breeden & Julieta Hernandez: Children’s Literature
We are excited to attend and compete at the Teach Tomorrow Summit in Round Rock March 2-4.
In a world where public education is taking a hard hit, and we are facing a massive teacher shortage it is a beautiful thing to watch our students grow a love for teaching. Our Ready, Set, Teach program at Bandera HS (where a large majority of TAFE members come from) has grown and fostered some incredible learning opportunities for students to gain 1st hand experience in the classroom. Mrs. Groff says she is so proud to be guiding the next generation of educators, it is such a powerful role to play and am happy to be shaping them right here in Bandera ISD.
This year, TAFE also held their first ever Cookies with Santa Event and it was a huge success!
Thanks to all the kids that joined us for our night of fun!
Here is a link to a fun little video of the event: