Below is a series of phases planned for implementation during the Bandera ISD Visioning process.  

    • Visioning Questionnaire | November 28-January 22, 2019 
      A community-wide questionnaire designed to gather individuals' perspectives on current opinions and future desires for Bandera ISD. Questionaire access will be available through the web site, on campuses, at holiday events and on your mobile device.

      Education Summits | November 28, 2018
      Fully facilitated and interactive session held in November at the Bandera Middle School Cafeteria, in which attendees are encouraged to dialogue about the potential futures of the District. 

      Stakeholder Interviews | Spring 2019
      In-depth interviews with representatives from five stakeholder groups – parents, current/former students, administrators, teachers, and community members – equally distributed, totaling 40 interviews.

      District/Market Research |  TBD  
      Primarily compiled by BISD staff, this research on the population, economic, social, and technological identity of BISD is used to inform the Vision Alignment Workshop. 

      Vision Alignment Workshops | TBD
      A fully facilitated gathering of representatives from across all five stakeholder groups will be tasked with the goal to define research-informed core beliefs and strategies to support those core beliefs. 

      Approval of Core Beliefs and Strategies by Board of Trustees |  May 2019