• The BISD Graduate Profile  
    The Bandera ISD Graduate Profile was developed by a team of Board of Trustees Members, District Administration, Campus Principals and Assistant Principals and School Counselors.  The Graduate Profile encourages students to remain focused on their dream and is an integral component of the District's College Readiness Plan.
    Bandera ISD Graduates are ...
    • Independent Thinkers. Our students are able to think critically and solve problems creatively.
    • Accepting of Diversity. Our students are accepting of the cultural, social and creative differences of others.
    • Passionate. Our students are zealous to succeed in life with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams.
    • Academically Aggressive. Our students are prepared with the intellect and skills to succeed in a global society.
    • Good People.  Our students are servant leaders who characterize integrity, respect, courage, honesty, humility and kindness.

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