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Request for Student Records

Parents and adult students may request records.  If your student is withdrawing from a Bandera ISD school to enter another Bandera ISD school, your student’s records will be automatically transferred within the district to the new campus.

If your student is withdrawing from Bandera ISD to enroll in another Texas public school district, the receiving school will request your student’s records through a state system called Texas Records Exchange (T-Rex). It is not necessary to hand carry your student’s records to the new school, T-Rex will electronically transmit your student’s records to their new campus. 

If your student is withdrawing from Bandera ISD to enroll in a school outside of Texas or a private school, that school will usually request records by the mail or by phone. Once that request is made, your student’s records will be mailed by US Post to the receiving school.

If your student is graduating and entering a Texas college, T-Rex is capable of transmitting an electronic copy of your graduate’s transcript to the receiving college. If your graduate’s college is out of state, then a records request can be made to send records to that post-secondary institution by US Post.

Requests for student transcripts may be made to the Registrar at Bandera High School. Bandera High School’s main phone number is 830-460-3898. The Registrar at Bandera High School is available throughout the school year and summer months.

Records requests may be made at any time by the parent of the student or by the adult student. In order to ensure a timely response, please note that requests made during the summer months will be subject to campus personnel’s available duty days.