2020 E-Rate Information

2020 E-Rate Information
The following E-Rate 470s will close for new bids at midnight Sunday, February 23rd, but will remain open for corrections:
200012008 and 200012010
Vendor questions:
Regarding Windows server: Is there a 2016 or 2019 environment in place with the necessary CALs (user or device)? This allows the addition of servers without the need for new CALs based on OS version
We do not need any client licenses.  These servers will only run the UniFi Management Console which is web-based.
For edge devices: is there a requirement for multigigabit connection? The current generation of USG pro only supports 1Gigabit connectivity
We already have the USG Pro 4 running 1Gigabit.  We requested this in the event that Ubiquity comes out with a new 10Gigabit USG.
The line item labeled 10 Gbps Fiber Switches: What is the required port count for both copper and SFP+? My assumption is for core switching or aggregation and would require more SFP+ ports than copper
These switches will go into portable buildings to connect the new fiber drops.  We only need an 8-port switch with at least one fiber port.
The line item labeled Entrance APs: Are these APs required to be mounted outdoors? If so is there going to be coverage or is a more weather resistant model required?
They will be covered by an awning, so we will be fine with an indoor AP.  You are welcome to include a line item for an outdoor model.