• Bibliography Preparation

    A works cited list (or bibliography) lists all of the resources consulted during the preparation of a paper.  It should appear on a separate page at the end of your paper. You must give credit to the authors whose ideas you are using.  If you have a source not covered by the examples below, ask the librarian for assistance.

    Bibliography Web Links

    MLA Citation Style

    American Psychological Association (APA style)

    • http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/

    Electronic Sources: MLA Style

    • ·        Online Library Database: Book

    ___________. “_______________.”________________.

    Author (last, first)         Article Title                             Book  (Italics)      

           ___________: ________,   ___________.

               Place of Publication   Publisher            Year of Publication.  

               ___________. Web                 .     ____________________________ .  

            Name of Database   Publ. Medium          Date visited  (day month year)                                       


    • ·        Online Library Database: Magazine Article

     ____________. “____________.” _________________ .

    Author(s) (last, first)            Article Title               Title of Magazine (Italics)

    __________: _________. ___________. Web.

            Date (month,year)   Page numbers     Name of database     Publ. Medium

                __________________.  (Note: Not all information may be available)

               Date visited  (day month year)    

    •  ·        Online Library Database: Newspaper Article

     ____________. “_____________.” __________________.

    Author(s) (last, first)             Article Title                    Title of Newspaper (Italics)

    ______________:________. ___________. Web.

            Date (month,year)             Page numbers  Name of database     Medium

                __________________.  (Note: Not all information may be available)

               Date visited  (day month year)   

    • ·        Internet Web Site (Not a library database)

     _____________. “_______________.” _____________.

    Author or Originator          Title of Web Site Article        Name of Web Site (Italics)

    ___________. ________________________. Web.

            Date of Posting          Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site      Publ. Medium

    __________________. (Note: Not all information may be available)

                  Date visited  (day month year)     

     Not all Internet Web sites have the above information.  Ask the librarian for help.               

    Print Sources: MLA Style

    •  Book by a single author:

    ____________. ___________. ___________: ______________,

    Author (last, first)        Title (Italics)             Place of Publication   Publisher

    ___________.  Print.

                Year of Publication    Publication medium.

    •        Book by two authors:

    _________________ and ______________. ________________.  

    Author(s)(last, first)                           2nd author (first & last)      Title (Italics)                

            _____________: ________________, ___________. Print.

                Place of Publication        Publisher                                   Year of Publication


    • ·        Multi-volume reference work by two editors:

    ______________, and  ______________, eds.   _______________.  

    Editor (last, first)                        2nd editor (first & last)                  Title (Italics)

                ______.  ______________: _______________________.

                Vol. #               Place of Publication            Publisher

                _________________.   Print.

                Year of Publication                        Publication Medium


    ·        Book with an article by a different person than the editor:

    _______________.  “______________.” __________________.

    Author (last, first)                     Article title                             Title of book (Italics)

            _______.  Ed.     _______________.   _________________:

            Vol. #                           Editor (first, last)                     Place of Publication

                _____________,  _____________. _________. Print.

                Publisher                           Year of Publication         Pages of article    Publ. Medium

                (Note:  If this book is a single volume, eliminate the volume number)

               ·        Article in a reference work:

     “____________.”  _______________.  _______.

    Title of article                      Title of book                           edition (ex. 3rd ed. or rev. ed.)

             ______________:  _____________, _________________.

                Place of publication             Publisher                          Year of publication


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