• General Information

    • Bandera Independent School District is required to maintain a public Internet list of local government officers and disclosure statements covering conflicts of interest. Officers of Bandera ISD required to make such disclosures include the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. House Bill 914 was enacted in the summer of 2005 and requires certain disclosures from governmental entities (including school districts) and persons or entities that contract with them.

    • House Bill 914 (pdf)


    Officers of the District

    • Board Member: Bo Mansfield (none reported)

    • Board Member: Brittany S. Hicks (none reported)

    • Board Member: Heidi Battle (none reported)

    • Board Member: Rhondo Jauer(none reported)

    • Board Member: Laurie Neff (none reported)

    • Board Member: Greg Butler (none reported)

    • Board Member: Barbara Skipper (none reported)

    • Superintendent: Jerry Hollingsworth

    If there are conflict of interest statements on file for the above individuals
    then their name will be linked to the files.


    Vendor Information ...

    Vendor Conflicts ...


    Conflict Disclosure Statements ...

    • None at this time.