Employee Handbook
    The purpose of this handbook is to provide information that will help with questions and pave the way for a successful year.  Not all district policies and procedures are included.  Those that are have been summarized.
    This handbook is neither a contract nor a substitute for the official district policy manual.  Nor is it intended to alter the at-will status of non-contractual employees in any way.  Rather, it is a guide to and a brief explanation of district policies and procedures related to employment.  These policies and procedures can change at any time; these changes shall supersede any handbook provisions that are not compatible with the change.  For more information, employees may refer to the policy codes that are associated with handbook topics, confer with their supervisor, or call the Human Resources office.  For a paper copy of the handbook please contact the Human Resources office.

    Electronic Communication and Acceptable Use Policy for 2018-2019