• Technology Safety for Bandera ISD Students

    Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Teachers are required by CIPA to monitor the activity of minors in their charge.

    District Internet Filter (TeleMate.net) is CIPA compliant.

    Computer and Internet Resources Permission on web site, collected each year from parents.

    BISD Electronic Communication and Data Management System Acceptable Use Policy on website under the gray bar section "Students."

    BISD Student Handbook  "Cellular Phone Use" p. 19

    BISD Student Handbook  "Computer Access – Acceptable Use and Code of Conduct" p. 23

    Internet Safety Resources (TXSSC) from the Texas State School Safety site posted for teachers on web page.

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – filtered access to the BISD network is available at BHS and at BMS at specified times on campus.

    BYOD campus policy at MS and HS

    Extra training provided to staff on Internet Safety by the Technology Department.

    Edivate training segments on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying are available to staff.

    Digital Citizenship Curriculum

    Penal Code 43.262 states that a minor is not exempted from prosecution for distributing lewd pictures of minors.

    MS is sponsoring a Cyber Bullying presentation for MS students and District parents on August 29. Presentation will be at 2:30 for students and at 6:00 PM for district parents.

    Elementary School Presentations on Technology Safety from Netsmart Kidz (a division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) pending fall 2017.