Guidance & Counseling

The Guidance and Counseling Program in BISD (K-12) is focused on helping our students: be successful learners; consider their futures; identify the pathways to those futures; and take the steps necessary along the way to be successful. The program also is designed to help those students who may not be in a good place academically, socially or emotionally to be supported so that they may find academic success.   In elementary schools, the focus is on building good citizens, as well developing those skills necessary to be successful academically.  This is where students take their first look at future careers, and begin to hear about post-secondary opportunities.  In middle school, planning for the future takes on new urgency.  Counselors work with students, not only to plan their academic pathway to graduation, but to investigate careers, majors, and colleges.   Social and emotional priorities are also addressed.  In high school, focus becomes more specific to future plans, academics, and making sure the student not only has the academic prerequisites for future endeavors, but also has a clear pathway  on how to reach his/her goals.   Counselors work with students on any barriers to reaching those goals, and help them find financial opportunities that are available to help them access the education they want and need to fulfill their plans.