• Good Attendance is the #1 Factor
    in Student Success
    September is Attendance Awareness Month and the Bandera ISD schools want to remind our parents that one of the keys to student success is being in the classroom each and every day.  Even the world's best teachers, lesson plans and curriculum are of no value to students who are not in class to benefit from them. Attendance is one of the best predictors of high school graduation rates and college readiness rates. 
    The State of Texas defines for public schools specific legal guidelines that districts must follow by law. Parents can work with the school by providing written notice of doctor visits, illness or family emergencies that have an impact on their students' attendance rate. The BISD Parent Portal is also a helpful tool for parents to monitor their child's absences at any grade level. Parents can sign up for the Parent Portal through their campus' Attendance Clerk. (Maya Johnson at HS, Ceyl McDonald at MS, Tiffany Pierce at Alkek and Susan Dustin at Hill Country)
    "BISD schools want to work as partners with parents in each child's academic progress," said Superintendent Regina Howell.  If you feel that you need additional resources or support in understanding the laws in Texas on student attendance, please do not hesitate to contact your campus principal or the BISD Director of Testing and At-Risk Services, Bonnie Hale at the Central Administration Office (830-460-3890 ext. 2004)